Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Takeaways from Molly's Trip to Haiti

“This is the best trip Ive been on Mom,” says John Holm. He pauses and then says “well, except for maybe Disney World.”
In a very spontaneously planned trip, my eldest son and I traveled to Haiti last week. For me it was work that beckoned, for John it was a chance of a lifetime for an 11-year-old to see how another culture, one less fortunate than his, lives.

As I dug deeper into why this was Johns favorite trip yet, it was the one-on-one time with his mother – ME! That made it the best, he explained. We saw a lot of new things; we placed ourselves in some fairly uncomfortable situations, we ate dinner at the home of friends, worked on and designed some great new products for Glory Haus, drank quite a few Cokes made with REAL sugar, slept little, rode on four planes, and were HOT and dusty the whole time. All things we have done in other places, but not just John and I together, alone.  So what I realized is that in our house of three children, my children all need special time individually with their parents. They need us, their parents, to uniquely know them.

The day before I left for Haiti I had been at a birthday party where I witnessed an unbelievably tender moment between a 90-year-old grandfather, and his grown and married granddaughter. The exchange between the two left my emotions out of control. It was such a picture to me of how our Father God loves us each so personally and tenderly.

When John was recounting why this trip to Haiti was his favorite yet, I was drawn back to that tender moment and was reminded that all of us want to be known ultimately by our Father God. And the best way this Godly Love can be communicated to our children is through personal relationships with each of them. Our children want to be known deeply by their parents! Just as we want to be known by our Heavenly Father.

Although John and I witnessed life changing things, my takeaway was that as a mom of three, I need to know my children individually and do things with each individually – they crave this one-on-one time.  And in the busyness of this crazy thing called life, we can often get caught up with too much doing instead of being. As a mom, my highest calling is to nurture my boyshearts to be tender and for them to know all the days of their life that they are special, unique and loved.  I was reminded this week that being a Mother is a Holy Privilege!

Thank you Lord for continuing to string together events in my life that constantly remind me you love me and that you are calling out the very best in me, to love greatly, deeply and individually those around me.

Haiti, thank you for the time you gave me and John together. I am forever GRATEFUL!

-Molly Holm


Glory Haus said...

It is the very BEST gift you can give your children. I'm so glad that you & John had this time together. What an incredible blessing!

mollie's mom said...

I'm so glad that you went to Haiti and had that awesome experience with your son. My daughter and I are off on an international mission trip in June - so excited ( I'm taking my Youth group). I have been to Haiti and serve on the board of a non-profit that has close relations to a delightful group of Haitian families. I am hoping that some of your "Business" time in Haiti means that Glory Haus has some production going on there - hopefully?? I have long wanted to find a way for the creativity of the Haitian people to help them improve their lives - other than me buying art from street vendors :) If you ever want to make contacts in Haiti let me know. I love that place and those people. I love your products and am totally bummed that I missed the November warehouse sale - medical situation with my daughter has distracted me from keeping up with that type of thing. Love reading your blog posts and especially seeing that the trip to Haiti impacted you and your son in so many ways. Such an awesome company, product and stories. Merry Christmas, Marcie