Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Do you remember the fun that you had sitting with all of your cousins and other young family members at the kid's table? The kid's table was the most fun place to be on Thanksgiving day. Glory Haus wants to help you make your Thanksgiving kids table even more fun and adorable this year.

First, print this activity filled place mat off for all your little guests. This is not your ordinary placemat, it has games and Thanksgiving activities.

Then, make these handy pilgrim hat crayon holders for each place setting. 
Simply turn a black paper part cup upside down and cut out the bottom with a knife.

Then, tape a strip of white paper around the top rim of your cup. (which is actually the bottom of your hat)

 Next cut a small square out of some yellow or gold paper.then cut another small square out of your square to create the buckle. Now tape this on to the cup.

Lastly, cut out a circle that is larger than the opening of the cup and hot glue around the edge to create the brim of your hat.

To create this turkey silverware holder centerpiece you will need a Styrofoam pumpkin from any craft store. Wrap a colorful napkin around all pieces of the silverware and tie with twine. Then simply stick down into the styrofoam. You can draw your own turkey, or use this template to cut out of scrapbook paper and attach with a hot glue gun to the front of the pumpkin

The last fun idea for this project was making slip covers out of our Glory Haus tea towels. Just attach strips of ribbon with a safety pin to the bottom side of the towel. Then, fold over the top of the chair and tie on like a regular slip cover. 

Follow these easy steps to make your kids Thanksgiving fabulous!! We hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!