Thursday, August 26, 2010

Collegiate Canvas & Magnets are HERE!!!

Do you know what's in these boxes?
It's Glory Haus Collegiate Canvases and Magnets!
Victory Haus product was unloaded in the wee hours on
the morning of August 23rd -
filling an entire aisle in our warehouse.
By that afternoon, boxes began to head to our customers,
so they can stock their shelves in plenty of time before
Opening Weekend for College Football,
which is Sept 4th (in case you didn't know).
If you haven't ordered these for your store yet,
you might want to make that a priority today.

The Victory Haus "How To Canvases" truly are a
unique product that will remind you
of the many things
you LOVE about your school!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Win $75 on We are THAT family Blog!

Just one of the items you can choose
if you are the winner on the We are THAT family Blog

Family is a value that all of us at Glory Haus hold dear, so it is no wonder that we're teaming up with Kristen Welch's blog - We Are That Family. Kristen's blog reaches out to moms everywhere to help them connect and to share ideas.
This week Kristen is featuring Glory Haus products on her blog. Not only can you see what Kristen has to say about Glory Haus products, you can chime in yourself. Kristen is asking blog readers to go to the Glory Haus Catalog online and pick your favorite Glory Haus product. Then go to her website and leave your comments. Two of the people who leave comments will win a $75 gift certificate to spend on our website.

So what are you waiting for? Get clicking!!!
(Clicking on
We are That Family will take you straight to Kristen's website)
Hope you win!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glory Haus Welcomes Kim Warren

At Glory Haus, people are important to us, which means we want to make an intentional effort to let our customers know how valuable they are. As you might imagine, Customer Service is an area that is very important to us.

In an effort to provide the best customer service possible, Glory Haus has hired Kim Warren. Kim has a strong background in customer relations, a warm heart and a way that lets the customer know they are important and special.
I think you will enjoy working with her, if the occasion calls for it.

So if you have an order that requires modifications or you have an order question, Kim is the woman to contact. You can reach her by email at or by calling our toll free line at 866-953-1762.

Kim is a delight to work with and wonderful addition to our Glory Haus team! If you talk to her on the phone, let her know you saw her on the blog.