Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Business Saturday Is Coming!

The 3rd annual Small Business Saturday is approaching soon!  A day committed completely to supporting small businesses.  Join us as we support "Shopping Small," on November 24th!  Smack-dab in the middle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday there is no better time to get out and support your local businesses!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plywood Christmas Tree How To

Many of you have seen our Plywood Christmas Trees at mart in Dallas and Atlanta. Several of you have even taken pictures so you could recreate it yourself! Well it's our goal to make displays as easy for you as possible. So, we've put together this video to show you exactly how to make them. Also, please see the written instructions below!

Happy display making!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Gift Idea

 Here is a photo of Glory Haus' new Home Canvas with a little customization.
You see my mother-in law is about to celebrate her 90th Birthday, and we wanted to do something VERY special.  Using this canvas and a fine tipped sharpie, this has become an extraordinary gift that will be akeepsake for my sweet mother-in law. 

While you might not notice it at first glance, all the names of her children and their spouses, her grandchildren and their spouses, and her great-grandchildren are all written in the leaves of this tree.  With over 40 people in our family, we used almost all of the leaves.  If you look at the picture below, you can see the detail a little better.  

This is such a precious idea that we wanted to share with all of you, so you can bless someone special in your life.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Come See us at Market!

Glory Haus is Celebrating Christmas this Summer!

Come check out all the great new Glory Haus items we're releasing this summer and pick up a fabulous Glory Haus  giveaway bag!  Plus you have gotta see the fabulous displays created by our Creative Team.

You're first opportunity to check it all out in person is the Dallas Market.
You'll find us in the Cliff Price Showroom - Located in 1860 in the Dallas Trade Mart
June 19th - VIB Day
June 20th -The Dallas Market Officially Opens

Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do you invite buyers to shop?

Las Vegas Window Display - Bldg C Ste 672

Last week the world of Glory Haus was introduced to a new market in Las Vegas.  The sentiment, the colors, and the designs were all a new and fresh look for many who had never seen anything like Glory Haus before.  Additionally, we were tucked off of the main path on a back hallway.  We definitely had our work cut out for us, as we set out to attract new buyers.

Fortunately for us, we have some very talented merchandisers at Glory Haus.  When it comes to setting a display, they understand the elements of Visual Drivers and Volume Drivers and are able to incorporate both elements throughout the display to tell the story of the products.  

The picture above is the display they set in the front window of our  LV showroom.  The two larger pieces: The 16*24 Art of Marriage and the 17*19 Home Sweet Home Burlee did a great job a capturing the new buyer's eye.  Additionally, once their eye had been caught, it was just natural to dwell for a moment to read the words on The Art of Marriage.  At this point, the buyer realized the display was attractive and investigated a little more thoroughly to see what else it had to offer.  What they discovered was a range of product with varying price points that told a story of a couple coming together to make a home.  

What this display did was invite the buyer to shop!  

During these economic times, many small retailers are running leaner, which often means they no longer have an individual specifically for Visual Merchandising.  However, this continues to be one of their strongest tools in attracting new Customers and encouraging loyal ones to discover new products.

If you have found yourself in the position of doing your own visual merchandising, here are a ten tips to remember:

1 - Have FUN!!!
2- Pick your Visual Driver(s)! 
    These are your items that are a little larger.
    They generally cost a little more, and move a little slower (but not always)
    These are the items that attract your buyer's eye.
3- Choose a color palette to work within.
4- Tell a Story with your products (Valentine's Day, Easter, Baby, Wedding, friend, etc..)
5- Stay focused!
     If you wander too far away from your story & your color palette, it won't make sense to your
6-  Choose a few great products that work with your story & your colors.
      Remember, you do not need to show every product you sell. 
7- Avoid Chaos!
     Make sure the display is full of product - not overwhelming, but not too lean either.

8- Finally, make sure you have plenty of lighting!
     Your customer needs to be able to see what you have to offer
9- Look at your finished product:  Does it communicate who you are and what your store represents?
10- ENJOY!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glory Haus & The Bachelor Premiere

Nicki from Hurst, TX on the Premiere of The Bachelor 2012
Did you watch The Bachelor premiere last night?

If you did, you might have noticed the Glory Haus Bistro Mug sighting.

When they introduced Nicki, a dental hygienist
from Hurst, Texas,
our mug was sitting right beside her.
This inspirational mug says, "A Friend Loves at All times."
Did you see it? Or have you spotted Glory Haus
products on other TV shows?
Let us hear about!