Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Breakfast

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, why not surprise your little ones with a fun and frightful breakfast. Here are some very easy ideas that you can throw together with items you might already have in your pantry. We love that you don't have to cook any of these spooky dishes, you simply add a little decoration!  

1. Monster bites: Add two small chocolate chips and some plastic monster teeth to a store bought donut to create a fun breakfast creation we like to call "monster bites"!

2. Spider Eggs: To make these "spider eggs" all you have to do is add some plastic spiders on a plate of  donut holes.

3. Creepy Cakes: For these "creepy cakes" add some cool whip on top of some microwave mini pancakes or waffles and finish it off with some some chocolate chip ghost eyes

4. Mummy Juice Boxes: Wrap white tissue paper around juice boxes glue on some googley eyes to make these mummy drinks.

Don't forget to use your favorite Glory Haus products to decorate your breakfast buffet!

Boo Y'all Tea Towel

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