Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Table

If there is ever a time to go overboard decorating a table, its Thanksgiving!! But what happens if you don't have nice china and fancy napkins? You can totally dress up your place settings using your everyday dinnerware. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family and reflecting on all your many blessings. So, make your table reflect that by using some of your favorite Glory Haus products.

1. Dress up your melamine plates. We just folded a coordinating napkin and placed it between an inexpensive gold charger  and our "Blessed" melamine plate. Then simply tuck the ends under the charger. Don't forget a cute name card with curly Handwriting.

2. Use unexpected items. Canvases aren't just for walls, they also make great centerpieces. Our 4x12 "So Thankful" canvas is the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table.

3. Create lasting memories, and look back on ones you have already made. Our  "Thankful" Table Runner is made from canvas and specifically designed for you to write what you are thankful for this year. The great thing about it is, you can use it every year. It creates a beautiful family tradition when you look back year after year on what you were thankful for, while also composing your new blessings for this year.

4. Have fun with your decor. This Thankful Banner is a great way to add a fun whimsical touch to your Thanksgiving decor.

Here are even more Glory Haus "everyday" products that will help you create a festive Thanksgiving table.  

Blessed Cutting Board

God Is Great  Platter

Burlap Placemat

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Breakfast

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, why not surprise your little ones with a fun and frightful breakfast. Here are some very easy ideas that you can throw together with items you might already have in your pantry. We love that you don't have to cook any of these spooky dishes, you simply add a little decoration!  

1. Monster bites: Add two small chocolate chips and some plastic monster teeth to a store bought donut to create a fun breakfast creation we like to call "monster bites"!

2. Spider Eggs: To make these "spider eggs" all you have to do is add some plastic spiders on a plate of  donut holes.

3. Creepy Cakes: For these "creepy cakes" add some cool whip on top of some microwave mini pancakes or waffles and finish it off with some some chocolate chip ghost eyes

4. Mummy Juice Boxes: Wrap white tissue paper around juice boxes glue on some googley eyes to make these mummy drinks.

Don't forget to use your favorite Glory Haus products to decorate your breakfast buffet!

Boo Y'all Tea Towel

Boo Board

Boo Banner

The Glory Haus Crew

Friday, September 4, 2015

College Football is HERE!

The Glory Haus Crew on College Colors Day!

It’s my favorite time of the year.  Starting to feel a little cool breeze in the air - such a relief from the hot summers in the south.  The air even smells a little different and that perfect weather is coming: that kind when you can walk outside in the early evening wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.  It can only mean one thing…COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

There’s nothing quite like it.  I have great memories of spending Saturday afternoons on the Plains of Auburn with my family - tailgating with friends, throwing the football, going to the bookstore, cheering on the boys at the Tiger Walk, and then watching my Tigers in a sea of Orange and Blue.  And now I get to do it with MY kids.  There’s just something special about a crisp, fall Saturday afternoon in Auburn.

So, here’s to the kick off of College Football Season!  We’ve been thinking about it for months and it’s finally here!  Whether it’s tailgating at the stadium or settling in front of the TV in your La-Z-Boy, I hope you enjoy this weekend as much as I do! 
War Eagle!!!

Bill Tanner, Collegiate Director

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Than Just a Picture with Sadie Robertson by Grace Kilgore

Last month I got the privilege of meeting Sadie Robertson. Through the experience, I got to see how beautiful, kind-hearted and full of wisdom Sadie is. Upon learning that I would have the chance to meet someone that I have admired for so long, I knew I had two options: I could get a picture with her that I would immediately share with all my friends; or I could use this opportunity to help me grow in my character, my faith and my life. I chose wisely and decided to prepare some questions for Sadie so I could get her perspective and learn from her experience. 

Meeting her really exceeded every expectation I had. She is as grounded, kind, and as in love with God as I had seen from afar. Here are some of the questions I asked her, along with her insightful responses:

Q: How do I know if my purpose in life as I see it is in line with what God’s purpose and plan is for me? 
A: If you think that the path you want for yourself is pure and beneficial for you and towards others, it must be God’s plan for you. God wants to see you grow and live your life through him, so there is no problem in doing things for Him or others. As long as you are living for him and sharing that with others, it has to be part of His plan. Don’t worry so much if it is the one thing as long as it is right.

Q: How do you stay true to yourself while in high school?
A: Surround yourself with people who want the best for you. If you are around people that are a bad influence, their influence will spread to you. Stay with the people who you trust and who love the Lord. One way I stayed close to my friends and God was by starting a Bible study. We met often to challenge each other and keep in touch with God at the same time!

Q: How do you grow confidence in yourself?
A: Have faith. God made you and every part of you exactly as he wants you. Now you just have to put your full trust in Him and know he made you exactly the way he wanted you to be. God never makes mistakes, so there’s no way you are one.

Q: How did you maintain a healthy relationship with God?
A: Praying. I am constantly giving thanks, asking for help or just talking to God. It helps me think that we’re having a conversation, and that really helps me grow in my faith.

Wow! I was so lucky to have this experience -- and I have to give a huge thanks to Glory Haus for making it happen! And I realized something: not only do I have the memory of this amazing moment, but I also have the insights that will help me grow in my faith and help me to guide others. If you are so fortunate to meet Sadie Robertson, here’s my biggest piece of advice: relax and be yourself, because Sadie certainly is. She is exactly as you’d expect her to be, and most importantly, she is present -- with you! Have fun, take pictures, and enjoy the day, but if you get the chance, try to have an honest conversation with her about your faith, your struggles, and how she lives original. I bet you’ll find her to be as happy and open to have a conversation with you as I did. And don’t forget to tell her I said ‘Hello!’

Friday, July 31, 2015

Locker Decorating 101

The first day of school is just around the corner. Are you ready? 
The latest craze is locker decorations. After scouring the internet and some local stores we discovered that some of these locker decor kits are outrageously expensive. So we decided to hit some discount stores and pick out some of our favorite Glory Haus products and see what we could come up with. 

Our friends at Lovinggood Middle School, here in Cobb County, were nice enough to let us use two of their lockers for demonstration. 

We took these plain, boring lockers, 

And turned them into this.

 Here is what you will need:
*Hot glue gun
*Lots of washi tape
*Clothes pins
*Scrapbook paper
*Strong round magnets
*Adorable Glory Haus products
We used the  True Friends Frame, Annie Downs Ribbon Canvas and items from our Collegiate line.

First cut your scrapbook paper to fit the inside of the locker and attach it with tape. 

Then, cover any remaining surface with decorative Washi tape.

Also wrap washi tape around a cup to make a cute pencil holder 

You can also cover clothes pins with Washi tape for note holders

Next hot glue the magnets to the back of your frames, clothes pins and cup.

Now, Have fun and arrange everything just how you like it!!

 We hope you have a GREAT first day back at school and we are praying for a fun, safe successful school year!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dorm Room Decor

Isn't this dorm room adorable? 
Don't you just love the wooden monograms above the bed? Here are the ones we sell.
Even though these are beautiful. They might not be the right color for your dorm room decor, well don't worry... A quick coat of spray paint can fix that... or how about ..... GLITTER??
To do this we simply sprayed the entire monogram with a quick coat of gold  spray paint. After that dried, we sprayed the monogram in small sections with spray adhesive. Then quickly before each section dries sprinkle on the glitter. When the entire monogram is covered, simply shake off your excess glitter. WARNING: it gets a little messy! 

We also love the idea of upholstering a head board to brighten up those drab dorm room walls. We tried making our own. Here is what you will need:
Duct tape, 2 large pieces of foam core board, fabric, and batting. 

First tape the foam core boards together and then cut out the shape you want your headboard to be. We used paper plates to help make the shape. 
 Next cut the batting so that you can comfortably wrap it, but not too much so that it doesn't get too bulky. Wrap the batting tightly around the head board and secure with duct tape. You can also use a staple gun for this... We were just out of staples;)

Next, follow the exact same directions with your fabric. 

We just love the results!!!