Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Marnie!

"Two Are Better Than One" Board, available for purchase January 2014

"Two are better than one!" This is the quote that was on the first Glory Haus product when we introduced Glory Haus to the world in our first showroom, Darrah & Co., in the Atlanta Mart.

This weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate Marnie Tanner on her 40th birthday!  Marnie is the founding creative director of Glory Haus. As I was choosing Marnie's birthday present and writing her card, this quote kept coming to mind, "Two are better than one!"

Two are better than one is especially true when starting a company. It was Marnie Tanner who believed in my God given dream of Glory Haus and Believed it could happen! It was Marnie who first said, "Yes, I am in for this adventure," with a smile on her face! It was Marnie who repeatedly gave me the courage to do something so crazy as start an inspirational gift company in the middle of a recession, selling people gifts they did not need. It was Marnie who came alongside and believed that even though folks did not need our art they would want it! Marnie was the friend to this owner of Glory Haus who continued to say, "I believe we can do this thing!"

Marnie is one of the wisest women I know. She is an amazing friend, mother, baker, teacher, and creative thinker! She is also one of the wittiest gals I know. It is always fun to be with Marnie. She makes every situation more fun! 

So, it is my honor to celebrate 40 years of Marnie's life! She has blessed me, my family, and Glory Haus! 

Marnie, thank you for validating that "Two really are better than one!"

Glory Haus is thriving today because at the very start you were willing to go on an adventure with a friend and I am forever grateful!

I love you Marnie Tanner!

Happy Birthday!

-Molly Holm

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Big Jen said...

Happy Birthday Marnie!!