Monday, February 28, 2011

20% off Glory Haus Crosses

Here are some of my favorite Glory Haus Crosses!
Love 'em even when they're not on sale,
but right now you can get a GREAT deal too!

For the entire month of March, you can order Glory Haus crosses
20% OFF the regular price.

This applies to Wholesale & Retail orders,
so stock up for Easter Today!

You can order through your rep at Darrah, Cliff Price,
DNA and Krysan & Associates!
No rep?
Call our office (866-953-1762) or check out our web page to order.

Remember, Easter is April 24th!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Hot for Easter 2011?

Are you wondering what you're customers are looking to purchase this Easter season?

Here at Glory Haus, Marnie our Merchandising Diva has put together this wonderful display of Easter items to help you!

One of my favorites from this collection is the double sided board. It's actually pictured twice in this display. At the top of the display, we show the side that says, "Rejoice and Be Happy", while at the bottom of the display you can see that the other side says, "Welcome Friends." This double sided board is a great value and wonderful way to decorate for the Easter and Spring Season.

This year Easter is on April 25th, so NOW is the perfect time for retailers to order. This Easter display is a great idea starter as you try to figure out what items to carry for Easter as it is full of products that make great gifts, but also look fabulous in the home.
Copy the display above or get creative and add some of your own flair.

Hurry & place your Easter order today!
Contact your rep!
What you don't have a rep?
Call the Glory Haus office at 866-953-1762
to place your order!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Personalized Football Burlee - Gotta Have One!

Personalized Football Burlee

Just had to show you what can happen to the Glory Haus
Original football Burlee (SKU: 99024)
when it's personalized.
The Football Burlee above would look great in any home
as they cheer on the Sylacauga Aggies!
(This personalization was provided by an in-house artist. Don't have one at your store? Call your local high school and ask for recommendations from the Art Department on who to hire to help you with this.)

Retailers, you can use this picture to give your local high school an
idea of what can happen with the football burlee.
There are numerous creative ideas that help sell these adorable Burlees.

Tell us about yours!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sell, Sell, Sell

Great Glory Haus Sellers

Finally, you've sold the last remnants of Christmas. The Valentine Displays are coming down and the leftovers marked for clearance. (Hopefully not too many items in this category.) What to put out next? What's selling?

Glory Haus is here to help you out. Above, we've put together a display of some great sellers. To be included in this display, the item needed to be ordered well at the January Markets and already showing signs of being a quick turner or have a recent history as such.

Of course, there simply isn't room to put all of our best sellers on this display. Contact your sales rep for more info on all of our best sellers. Don't have a sales rep? Give Glory Haus a call at 866-953-1762. We'll be happy to take your order!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What every Preschool Teacher & Elementary Teacher Needs!

Birthday Cupcake Burlee (99013)

How perfect would this look on your child's classroom door?
This Original Burlee Cupcake is a great gift for any preschool or elementary teacher.

With it's removable candles and the perfect place to tape a sign bearing the name of the honored Birthday Boy or Girl,
it alerts all who pass by that someone is celebrating a birthday!

Not to mention that it looks Super Cute hanging on the classroom door!

When only an Original Handmade Burlee will do, look to Glory Haus!

The sign bearing the name of the birthday girl/boy can be made out of construction paper and taped to the cupcake holder part of this burlee.