Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Burlees - A Must for Christmas Decorations!

Bella Vita in Collierville, TN
Whether you've just begun decorating, or you're almost done, a Glory Haus Original Burlee is a must for your door. Choose a Santa or a Stocking.
You really can't go wrong!
Hang them one on your front door for an
easy & festive decoration!
Everyone that sees it will smile a little brighter!


If you look closely you'll notice, the stocking at the top of the tree of Burlees at Bella Vita has been personalized.
Follow these simple instructions to personalize it yourself!

First, use a pencil to sketch out the name you want to put on your Burlee Stocking or Santa.
(Unless you're a little more artistic and feel comfortable writing with the puff paint.)

Second, using a tipped bottle of puff paint,
go over the sketched name.

Third, use a small paintbrush to flatten the puff paint.

Finally, let it dry & hang it on your door.

Many retailers will offer this service
for an additional charge,
or you can do it yourself!

Make sure you have an Original Burlee
on your door this Christmas Season!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Cyber Monday- the Monday following Black Friday, continues to grow every year!
Whether you're a Retailer or a Customer, Glory Haus has a special offer for you on Cyber Monday, Nov 28th.
Check it out!

Buying on the Glory Haus Retail Site?  Purchase $100 or more on Cyber Monday and receive FREE SHIPPING!

Purchasing on the Glory Haus Wholesale Site*?  Purchase $500 or more on Cyber Monday and receive FREE SHIPPING!

These offers are only good on Cyber Monday, November 28th 2011, so make a plan & score BIG!

*Those purchasing on the Wholesale Site must have a business license and a resale number.*

Friday, November 18, 2011

Capitalize your profits - Make a plan for Black Friday!

61007 - GH This Christmas Tote

It's Fourth Quarter, and we're all looking for a way to increase sales. One of the most important days during this quarter is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  We are looking for a way to capitalize on this one shot at obtaining a larger portion of the gift giving dollar.  Retailers every where are designing a strategy to make the most of this opportunity.

If you haven't made a plan yet, it's not too late.  We wanted to offer a few ideas we've heard from some of our retailers.

1- One Glory Haus retailer is offering a free Christmas Tote (you can see it pictured above) for every $150 purchase of Christmas ornaments on that day.

2- Another is offering on the spot personalization of ornaments for this day only.  Any other day, they must purchase the item and return to the store to pick up the finished product. If you use this idea, remember to have the customer write on a piece of paper what they want written on their ornament.  (This helps to cut down on miscommunication.)

3- Yet another idea, comes from a Glory Haus retailer, who adds value for her customers by offering Free Gift Wrap on this day for any gift purchase.  For an ornament, that would mean placing Christmas colored crinkled paper in the bottom of a clear cello bag to cushion the ornament, and then tying it with complementing ribbon.

As you can see, it does not have to be an extravagant production to offer a little incentive for a customer to choose your store over another.  But you do have to have a plan and you have to make sure your customers (and potential customers) are aware of what they'll be missing if they don't show up in your store on Black Friday.  Your Face Book Page, Word of Mouth, and Signage are all great ways to communicate quickly & effectively on why people should visit you on Black Friday.

Feel free to use one of the ideas we shared (that's why we do it.), or leave a comment with your idea of how to increase sales.  Retailers everywhere will appreciate it! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Countdown! for Retailers

Retailers!  We've made it easy to restock your Christmas Display, and we've given you a price break too!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Glory Haus Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011


The Products of Hope were designed for two purposes.  One, Glory Haus wanted to help raise funds for cancer research; and two, we wanted to have something to give to our friends whose lives are touched by cancer.  The Puff star & Crosses make great gifts for those fighting the battle themselves, and for those whose lives are touched by this disease.  They're also great to commemorate your own or your friend's 3-Day Walk.

To date for 2011, Glory Haus has donated over $500 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in support of Breast Cancer Research.  Help us raise even more money for this cause.  Every time one of the Products of Hope is purchased from Glory Haus (Wholesale or Retail), we donate 10% of the profit to Cancer Research..  Help us fight the fight, and may God bless everyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Be a part of the Solution!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a deal on Glory Haus Boards!!!

32064- 5"*30" Board

37095- 7"*36" Hook Boarad

32393 - 5"*30" Beach Board

September Board Special
 We love to decorate with these boards.  Glory Haus has boards perfect for hanging over your entry, beside your door, on the deck of your beach house, and over the door to a room.  There are even boards with hooks to collect back packs, towels, coats, dog leashes and other items that inevitably find their way to the floor or get lost because they need a place to call home.  All the boards make great gifts!  At 50% off, their a gift for any budget.

If you've admired Glory Haus boards in the past, NOW is the time to make that purchase.  For the month of September (which we are smack dab in the middle of), we are offering 50% off almost all of our boards. 

If you're a retail customer, you can go to our web site gloryhaus.com and receive 50% off of your board purchases.  

Wholesale Customers - you can order from the web site, from your rep, or by calling our office (866-953-1762)

This deal has never been offered before & is not expected to be seen again, so don't miss out!  
Place your order today!

Note: Due to limited quantities 32090 - The Lake Board and 33168 & 33171 - Double sided Fall & Christmas boards are not included in this offer.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Glory Haus & CLC College Color Days- Sept 2nd

Celebrate Collegiate Colors Days
Glory Haus
Friday - Sept 2nd

Play along with us this Friday,

as we post pictures from our own GH Tailgate party for a chance to win!

Wear the colors of your favorite College Team this Friday!

Take a picture with your friends, your co-workers, or by yourself.

Share the fun!

Post your pic on the Glory Haus Facebook page.

Then we'll randomly pick a winner (or two)

who can choose their favorite

Glory Haus' Collegiate Product



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glory Haus in Chicago

Glory Haus' Children & Wedding Display in Chicago

You can find Glory Haus in the permanent showroom of DNA in Chicago.
The show begins Thursday, July 28th and runs until Tuesday, August 2nd.

We'd love to meet you!
Please come & see us if you're in Chicago!

DNA Chicago Showroom

The Merchandise Mart
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza 14th Floor #1426
Chicago, IL 60654
[p] 312.645.1855 [f] 312.645.0778

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas Burlees Arriving!!!

Large Santa Burlee (19"*27")

Glory Haus is so excited to have a warehouse full of Holiday Burlees!
Of course with the way this Hot New Item was ordered in Dallas & Atlanta,
it won't be full long!

Have you ordered your Santa, Stocking, Pumpkin, Turkey and Scarecrow Burlees?
Don't be caught without!

You can place your order today with your rep
Darrah & Co, Cliff Price & Co, DNA, Richard S. Dolan and Krysan
or Call us at 866-953-1762 to place your order today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Center Point Station

Center Point Station in San Marcos, Texas

Molly dropped into this charming little store in San Marcos, Texas with her family.
It was love at first sight! She immediately was drawn to the cool merchandise!!
Turns out that this wonderful store didn't just serve up homemade hamburgers, they also had a a nice little gift shop.

The whole family had a wonderful lunch in this delicious hamburger joint. Before lunch was over, The Holm Boys spotted Glory Haus!!! What a perfect combination- Center Point Station and Glory Haus!!! If you have never stopped at this road shop on your way from Austin to San Antonio, do not drive by it again without stopping!!!! It is awesome!!!!

Check out Molly's straw cowboy hat on her head!!!! It was definitely a great find at Center Point Station! Go check 'em out and see what treasures you will find!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Collegiate Burlees - A Must for Retailers this Season

Glory Haus is excited to announce
the introduction of
Licensed Collegiate Burlees!

For Retailers - NOW is the time to plan for the
2011-2012 College Football Season.

Glory Haus Licensed Collegiate Burlees
offer a fun and easy way for any Fan
to display their School Spirit
on their home, in their man cave, or at the tail gate party.

They will definitely be a MUST have for this year!

These treasures will be available to ship by August 1st!
Place your order today to make sure you are one of the
first stores to carry this HOT item!

Your rep can help you with your order today!
Darrah & Co
Cliff Price & Co
DNA Sales
Krysan & Assocs
Richard S. Dolan Sales

Don't have a Rep? Call the Glory Haus office today at 866-953-1762 to pre-book your order for collegiate burlees & other great Collegiate items!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Glory Haus - Family is so Important!

Four Generations shopping at Canton, Texas

In the picture above we see Molly, Glory Haus Owner & President, with her youngest son Luke, her mom, Sondra Carlton, and her Grandmother, Joyce Tally. Four generations working side by side, to make sure Glory Haus has all the props needed to set up our space in the Cliff Price Showroom for the Summer Mart (June 22nd to June 28th).

With the help of Bat (gentleman pictured above), a retired fireman, they were able load all their goodies onto their truck. You see these purchases were all made with our expanded showroom space in mind, so they needed to be secure enough to make the trip from Canton to Dallas. Fortunately, Bat knew exactly how to pack it all in and tied it with just the right knots to secure the day's treasures.
Check out this sweet little metal bin!
Can you begin to imagine how we might use it in our display in Dallas?
Be sure to join us in June at the Dallas Mart to see.
You'll find Glory Haus in the Cliff Price Showroom located on the bottom floor of the Trade Mart.
Hope to see you There!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Wholesale Special!!!

Refresh your shelves with Glory Haus Destination Products!

Wherever your store is located, odds are that you sell some destination products.
If you're located near a lake, beach or mountain; then its a definite must have!

Does Glory Haus have good news for you?
Place your wholesale order for Glory Haus destination products during the month of May with a ship date on or before June 15th, and receive 15% off of your destination items.

This includes all items on pages 39, 40 and 47 in the Winter 2011 catalog (our newest catalog). Please mention Destination Special when placing your order!

Don't hesitate, contact your rep or office today to place your order!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glory Haus Limited Wedding Special for Wholesalers!

Glory Hasu has been looking for the perfect opportunity to do a wedding special.
The Decision has been made that the perfect time is NOW!

It's a Great Deal! With a minimum order, customers receive:

1- 15% off of The Art of Marriage (both sizes) and The Wedding Canvas
2- 10% off of the following Beaded Canvases:
The Best is Yet, Art of Marriage and Love Never Fails

In order to take advanatage of this special, you need to order by Monday, April 25th
and have your order shipped by Friday, April 28th.

You can order through your rep (DNA, Darrah & Co, Cliff Price & Assoc and Krysan & Assoc), through our web site, or by calling
our office at 866-953-1762.

Be sure to mention the "Limited Wedding Special" when you're ordering,
so you'll be sure to receive the discount!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Get your Glory Haus Mugs Now! 20% off

Glory Haus Bistro Mugs - Now 20% off

Glory Haus Mugs make great gifts for Moms, Teachers & Friends!

You have two more weeks to take advantage of this great Sale - 20% off!

Retailers - remember that you must indicate that you want the MUG SPECIAL in the notes of your order.

Don't know how to do that? NO WORRIES!!!!
Your rep will know exactly how to help you order these great mugs
with this incredible discount!

Order TODAY!
Contact your rep: Cliff Price & Co, Darrah & Co, DNA and Krysan & Assoc.
Don't have a rep?
Give us a call at the office 866-953-1762!

Whatever you do- Don't Miss this Special!
All Glory Haus Mugs are 20% until the end of April!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Glory Haus Mug Sale - 20% off

Glory Haus Jumbo Mugs- See all our mugs on our website!

In case you didn't know, Mother's Day is May 8th!
The End of the School year is approaching and
customers everywhere will be searching for the perfect gift!

Whether you give a Jumbo mug, Cafe Mug or a Bistro Mug, you are going to make someone happy with a Glory Haus mug!

Not only do they make a wonderful gift all by themselves, they can also be cross merchandised with coffees, chocolates and with our jumbo mugs you can even use a small plant.

So set your creative juices free and order some Glory Haus mugs today! You do have to mention the discount and where you saw it to get the 20% off, but that's EASY!

Stock up, because at this price they will be flying off the shelves!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glory Haus gets University of Texas License

Today Longhorn graduates, Molly & Trey Holm celebrate with all of us at
Glory Haus as we announce the approval of our University of Texas license!

Can't wait to see you at the marts this summer with all of our new Collegiate products!

New Glory Haus Ornaments

Have you seen the most recent ornaments from Glory Haus?

The five ornaments listed above will be available for delivery this Summer!
My personal favorite?

Jesus Knows me - This I love!

Which Glory Haus ornament do you like the best?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Ready for Spring!

Great Glory Haus Sellers!

Did you know that it's the last week of Winter?
All of us at Glory Haus want to make sure that your
store is ready for Spring.

Check out this display, full of top sellers across
the product lines. These beautiful products will not only brighten
your store, they will sell!

So come on- Get Ready for Spring with Glory Haus!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cross Winners - YEAH!!!

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite cross on the Glory Haus Facebook page and the blog! Between these two avenues, we received 137 different posts. Wow!!! We are truly blessed to have each one of you in our lives! The stories posted have touched the hearts of all of us in the office! Thank you for your willingness to share with all of us! May God continue to bless your lives!

Now for the Winners who were randomly
selected from All of the posts....

Tina Schult-Ryan
Darlene Miler
Sarah Van Dyke

...each of you will receive your favorite
Glory Haus cross for free.


Artist - Laura Kirkland - is a Star!

In this month's issue of Cobb Life Magazine, our artist, Laura Kirkland was named one of the top 20 rising stars under 40 in Cobb County Georgia! She's always been a star to us, but now it's official to everyone else!

Congratulations, Laura! We're so proud of you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glory Haus Crosses are Beautiful & maybe free!

Haus Crosses
They're Beautiful!!!
Which is your favorite?

Tells us by Friday,
March 11th
commenting on our blog.

If you tell us why you like a certain Glory Haus Cross,
you will be entered in our drawing to receive your favorite for Free!

So comment & tell us before Friday!