Thursday, February 26, 2015


We did not get very much snow here at Glory Haus but it looks like lots of you did. Snow days are some of the best days to make memories with your family. So, to help you provide some great winter fun with your kids we have searched pintrest to help you find some snow day activities!!

1. Make snow cream!! This delicious winter treat is easy to make and you probably already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen! Head over to Blooming on Bainbridge and get this delicious chocolate snow cream recipe.

2. Snow Paint!! We love this idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose  . Get creative and paint your whole yard!! 

3. Make warm winter drinks!! Visit one of our recent posts with lots of hot chocolate recipes.
Have fun, stay warm and cherish these wonderful moments with your family!! HAPPY SNOW DAY!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Show your family you love them – small gestures can make a huge impact!

In this technology-filled world it can be hard to find time for your family. We are constantly running from sports practice to tackling homework to keeping bills paid and just trying to keep our head above water. Life gets so hectic that cooking breakfast becomes throwing a granola bar to your kids as they head for the bus.

In our stress-filled lives, showing our families, especially our kids, that we love them is so important.  Following is how some of our Glory Haus employees show the love to their own.

Kim, in accounting, is the mother of three and says she likes to surprise her kids occasionally with milkshakes after school. The only condition is that they share a sip with her.

Amy, in customer service, is the mother of five and has a place in her house where she leaves love notes for her kids.

Nancy, in customer service, has two older daughters and likes to surprise them with pedicures. And, for her “poor” college student, a surprise dinner out is very welcome.

Amy, in marketing, also has five children (yes, we have two employees named Amy with five kids), says Sunday nights have a long-standing tradition of breakfast for dinner. The kids are always sure to be home on Sunday night.

See the Glory Haus products below that can help you express love to your entire family.

Our clip frames are the perfect place to leave a “love” note.

Our jars are great conversation starters.  If left in a convenient place, you will be surprised how quickly they can fill with notes of appreciation or favorite things that happened on any given day.  Then when the family is together, sharing the notes with everyone can put smiles on their faces and warm fuzzys in their hearts. Get FREE SHIPPING today and tomorrow if you order any of these products today and tomorrow!! Just use coupon code GTFREESHIP at checkout.
"Love is All You Need" 8x10

"Grateful For..." Clip Canvas

"I Love You Because..."

"Appreciation Jar"

"Appreciation Jar"

To get more ideas and see other products for family time make sure you follow our “family” pinterest board.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Must-Haves

Here in Marietta, Georgia, where Glory Haus is located, this weekend is supposed to be our coldest temperatures yet. They are even mentioning snow for early next week and that silly groundhog says six more weeks of winter. So, to help us all get through just a few more weeks we compiled a list of some of our favorite "winter must-haves".

1. Molly, the owner of Glory Haus writes EVERYTHING  down in a notebook. So, brighten up a dreary, winter day with a colorful, cheery notebook. These are from Target.

2. Meghan said that she can't get through winter with out her essential oils. Her favorite one for winter is "On Guard" by Doterra. "On Guard" helps fight germs, and keep you from getting sick during these cold winter months. You can find more info here 

3. Amy loves Piko tops. They are great with leggings and boots. You can add a big scarf or wear with a fur vest or a jacket. The best thing is that they are made to fit big and hide a multitude of sins!! You can find these here.

4. Ansley loves to stay warm all day in a large blanket scarf. These are great on super cold days because if your are really cold, you can actually use as a blanket. Our favorite place to get these is the XOXO boutique.  You can purchase your own on their instagram shop.  Follow them at xoxo_boutique.

5. Debbie  loves Aspen Bay candles. These smell amazing! This is actually a Glory Haus company favorite. Aspen Bay is located next to us in the Darrah Showroom, and these candles make our entire showroom smell amazing. Here is a link to Aspen Bay candles.

6. Angela can always be found every afternoon having a mug of warm chocolate almond milk in her favorite Glory Haus mug. You can find all of our mugs here

7. Leigh's must-have winter item is a pair of warm riding boots. These Frye boots are her favorites.

8. Katelyn loves to curl up with a good book by the fire. One of her new must reads is "Lets All Be Brave" by Annie Downs. Here is a link to Annie's new collection that Glory Haus has teamed with her to make to go along with her new book.

9. Kim keeps this lotion from Bath and Body Works with her all winter to keep her hand nice and moisturized.

10. Kimberly always has EOS lip balm wherever she goes. These lip balms not only keep your lips from getting dry and cracked in the winter, they are also  cute!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A letter from our owner...

As I sit here watching my eight-year-old son fish in the lake at the ranch, shirtless, wearing snow boots and jeans, my heart is full.  He is rotating between catching a fish with the orange netting bags from the Halo Oranges tied to a stick to chasing the fish around the pond with a kitchen strainer.  The phrase that comes to mind as I watch this precious child is “I love you more Luke Holm!”

Really, who could not love a child who is so intent and determined to catch a fish with whatever he could find, dressed in snow boots and shirtless and so content!

Every night Luke and I play the “I love you more” game before he falls asleep. He usually wins because he creatively comes up with some infinitely vast way to love me more than I do him – such as I love you a zillion billion times more than to the moon and back.

This whole scenario caused me to pause and think about this phrase, “I love you more,” that we use on many of our Glory Haus best-selling products. Isn’t this what all our hearts desire . . . that someone would “love us more” – more than we love them, more than we could possibly imagine, more tenderly, more intimately, more kindly, and more fully known than we could ever believe possible? 

As I was deciding what to say to all the Glory Haus customers and supporters, I decided this was to be the phrase for 2015 . . .  I love your more!

We hear customers often say “we love Glory Haus,” and this year we want to say to you, “we love you more.”  We love you more because you love our products, you believe in our mission and you choose to buy Glory Haus.   We know you have many choices, so “Thank You” for believing in us and sharing Glory Haus with your friends.  Your support of Glory Haus makes it possible for us to continue to “make art that is more meaningful than just filling a space on your wall.” Your support allows us to Bring Hope and Truth from Our Haus to Yours.

At Glory Haus in 2015 we are “loving you more” and grateful that it is Jesus who ultimately Loves us ALL more!

Blessings for another great year!