Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

The year 2013 is quickly coming to a close as the new year approaches. New Year’s Eve brings a sense of “cleansing” - a time for people to start fresh, free from the past year’s challenges. About 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions as a way to improve upon an area of discontentment. But did you know only eight percent achieve their resolutions?¹ Here are a few quick tips to help you set achievable goals this new year:
  1. Simplicity - make a short list of goals instead of one big intangible goal. 
  2. Be specific - having an overarching goal can be daunting. Instead, make a small list of tasks that help you achieve your goal (this could even be a list of short-term weekly tasks). For instance, “more me time” is so broad that you may not know where to start. Detailing specific ideas like “set aside 30 minutes each night to read for leisure,” is more approachable and achievable.
  3. Self encouragement - it’s important that you believe in yourself and have confidence that you can achieve your goals. Pray for God’s support and let Him be your rock to guide you. Remember that “all things are possible if you believe” - Mark 9:23. 
  4. Make it public - share your goals with your close family and friends - those who will give you support and keep you positive. When Trista Sutter began to record her #FavePartOfDay, she decided to tweet them each night to help her focus on the positive through the support of loved ones who were miles away.
We also gathered a few of our favorite words of encouragement for you to keep in mind as you brainstorm ideas for your New Year’s goals.

Stay accountable for your goals and keep record of your progress, whether it’s publicly or privately. Our Grateful Journal is a great place to write your thoughts and progress throughout the year; a place you can look back on through the rough patches and remind yourself how far you’ve come. As we begin the new year, let’s remind ourselves to continually be grateful for our blessings - even the challenges that taught us lessons and discovery. We are thankful to have had a busy year at Glory Haus filled with growth, support, and opportunity, and we are excited for what lies ahead in 2014!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Season of Giving

Christmas is our favorite holiday, not only in celebration of Jesus’ birth, but because it’s also about being grateful for your blessings and giving back to the community. The Glory Haus family is passionate about working with organizations both locally and internationally. Molly and Trey Holm, Glory Haus owners, have continually supported local GRACEPOINT Christian school that specializes in serving students with dyslexia. We were able to offer a gift of $10,000 to GRACEPOINT with proceeds from our Glory Haus Sample Sale that took place this past November. Even more recently, Molly took a trip to Haiti to work with local artisans in hand-making beautiful jewelry for the new Grateful Heart Collection. We love building relationships and connecting with others, whether it’s here in Marietta or across the globe.

We are proud to give profits from a selection of our products to organizations we have connected with.  

Blue Floral Family Frame ($32.50)

Profits given to World Gospel Mission in support of the Espy Family’s ministry.

All proceeds donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation, an organization dedicated to giving back to the spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled during service of our country.

Profits donated to Sixty Feet, in support of the Owens family ministry seeking to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name.

We encourage you to give thanks for all the blessings around you this holiday, and to support families and organizations that you feel connected to. Read more about Glory Haus’ community involvement here.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Holidays are our favorite time of year - filled with family traditions like cookie making, tree decorating, ski trips, ice-skating, and, if you’re lucky… snowmen building! There’s something about the seasonal d├ęcor and holiday music that instantly builds excitement and happiness. One of our Glory Haus family traditions is decorating the tree in the living room with our favorite ornaments.

This holiday season, we’d like to share 12 of our favorite things at Glory Haus that are perfect for gift giving. To allow for ordering and shipping, we’ll be fitting 12 things into 6 days! Each day, from Thursday, December 12 until Tuesday, December 17, we will be sharing two videos featuring gift ideas in this blog post. Don’t worry - the items will be suited for men and women of all ages: children, adults, and grandparents. We’ve got you covered! To make sure you receive your gifts in time for the holidays, make sure you place your online orders by Tuesday, December 17!

For additional ideas, Glory Haus was also featured in a gift guide from “Ron and Lisa, The Healthy Home Dream Team” showcasing healthy home products. Ron and Lisa are healthy home experts who educate consumers on how to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Check out their holiday gift guide here.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this season? Share your stories and gift ideas with us below! You can also shop our full Christmas Collection online. Happy holidays! May they be merry and bright.

Day 1 Gift Guide:

Day 2 Gift Guide:

Friday, December 6, 2013

Making Memories at the Auburn, Alabama Game

A post by our Collegiate Director Bill:

Would it cast a bad light on my character if I said that a football game was the greatest night of my life?!

I came out of the womb orange and blue and spent many fall Saturdays growing up on the plains of Auburn, Alabama. No one loved Auburn more than my Dad, and I have great memories of spending time with him doing one of his favorite things…going nuts for Auburn. Now, it’s my daughters’ turns to experience what I did. I’m as fanatical as my dad was and I love taking my kids to Auburn games. Nothing compares, and probably never will, to what I experienced with my 14-year-old, Katie Marie, this past Saturday.

The two of us started early in the morning, not having any idea how dramatically our day would conclude. We spent the morning tailgating with two of my best friends from high school and their families. We watched ESPN College Gameday live - right in front of the stadium – and we took in one of the best Tiger Walks ever.  Finally, we went in the stadium early to make sure we saw the eagle fly, all the while hoping that Auburn could pull off the upset in what many people were calling, “The Biggest Iron Bowl Ever.” Katie Marie had never seen Auburn lose. Today would not be that day.

The game went back and forth and was filled with moments of celebration, along with moments that made us sick to our stomachs. At one point in the fourth quarter, after an Alabama 99 yard touchdown pass and another drive deep in our territory, I looked at Katie Marie and said “Game Over.” Funny…that’s just what my dad would’ve said.  

I was wrong. Auburn got the ball with one last chance and threw a dramatic touchdown pass with only 32 seconds left on the clock, setting up overtime. But Bama moved quickly in just a few plays to set up a chance to kick a 57 yard game winning field goal. Memories rushed in my head of the most miserable Iron Bowl ever - both for my dad and me - one known simply as “The Kick.” Van Tiffin kicked a 52 yard field goal on the last play of the game to beat Auburn. I’m not sure my dad ever got over that one. I’m not sure I did either…until that epic moment on Saturday night.

This would be a moment that this dad and daughter would never forget. As Bama set up for the field goal, my daughter tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Dad, what’s that guy doing in the end zone?”  Too nervous to explain, I simply said, “Just in case, babe.” Then the kick…it fell short. “That guy in the end zone” caught it and began to run…and run…and run! We jumped, we screamed, we hugged…going nuts for Auburn, just like my dad and me.  At that moment, another memory came rushing in my head of sitting in front of the radio in 1972, celebrating with my dad after the game known as “Punt, Bama, Punt!”  Now I was celebrating with my daughter after the game that will simply be known as “Kick, Bama, Kick!”

There’s nothing quite like making memories with the ones you love!