Thursday, January 2, 2014

Healthy Tips From Chef Charmaine Rhodes

At Glory Haus, we are dedicated to providing a community that encourages a healthy lifestyle for our staff. We have a Wellness Program for all employees where chiropractor Dr. David Jockers offers corrective care once a week, and we also provide a place for staff to come together and enjoy a healthy meal over good conversation. Glory Haus has been blessed for the past 14 months to have the talented Chef Charmaine Rhodes cook fresh and healthy lunches for employees at our Marietta headquarters.

Chef Charmaine shops for fresh, gluten-free super foods (a few of her favorites are pomegranate and goji berries) and creates recipes that specifically compliment these products. She always looks for ways to save money and believes that items on sale are those that the Lord asks us to consume; “Lord, what will we eat today?”

Our most popular recipe at Glory Haus is a Jamaican potato salad with Spanish rice and roasted peppers. Is your mouth watering yet? Chef’s favorite thing about Glory Haus is that everyone continuously learns and is in close spirit with each other and the Heavenly Father. In the upcoming week, she will be hosting a health seminar for our company and teaching everyone about everyday healthy choices. Charmaine is also a Fitness Director at LA Fitness and, fun fact, she’s raised seven kids!

Grocery Shopping Tips From Chef Charmaine:
  • Eat foods with color
  • Eat things close to the Earth - limit processed foods
  • Eat products that are in season - Bonus: they’re more economical too!
  • Try not to make your meals in advance, putting them together last minute avoids oxidation

We hope these tips help you in shopping for healthy foods and support a healthy lifestyle. What tips have you found that have helped in staying healthy? Want to learn more about the culture at Glory Haus? Visit our website.

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