Thursday, January 23, 2014

Words of Wisdom: WorkMatters Lunch Recap

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak about our partnership with Trista Sutter at the Marietta WorkMatters Faith & Work lunch series. The lunch included an interview and Q&A session with Glory Haus CEO Molly Holm and Trista Sutter, followed by a “Happily Ever After” book signing. For those of you who were unable to attend the lunch, we gathered a few quotes and highlights to share:

“Glory Haus is truly God’s success story - we just get the pleasure of being obedient to His call.”
- Molly Holm

“Marriage is hard work. You don’t have to have issues to want to work on your marriage.”
- Trista Sutter
“Just as having dinner together is a good way to raise your family, Glory Haus shares lunch together to build a great team.”
- Molly Holm

"When looking for folks to add to our team, I look at people's hearts. Above all else, I'm looking to find people that have hearts open to the things of God; Those that are open to go on an unbelievable, uncharted adventure and are willing to say "yes" when it does not even seem possible. I also look for hard workers - people who are not afraid to work."
- Molly Holm

“It was important when creating the Grateful Heart Collection that the line spoke to everyone - we want to continue to be inspirational. Similar to how Jesus spent His time, we aimed to find commonalities between all people.”
- Molly Holm

“Don’t count things you do, do things that count.”
- Molly Holm

“In Marietta, we’re better together than separate; everyone is supportive. Glory Haus is successful because of many people in this room and hundreds of volunteers in the community.”
- Molly Holm

We hope that you find inspiration in the Grateful Heart Collection and enrich your life through continuously having gratitude for your daily blessings. Being grateful for life experiences and the opportunities you’re given helps keep you grounded. Strive to find something each day you’re thankful for to remind you of those blessings.

“As you focus on the positive, you’re more quickly able to identify and recognize all the positive things in life,” says Trista Sutter. Pursue your passions and trust in God’s plan. It will bring so much happiness to your life and those around you.

What words or quotes have you found that inspire you? Comment below and share them with us!

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