Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

The year 2013 is quickly coming to a close as the new year approaches. New Year’s Eve brings a sense of “cleansing” - a time for people to start fresh, free from the past year’s challenges. About 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions as a way to improve upon an area of discontentment. But did you know only eight percent achieve their resolutions?¹ Here are a few quick tips to help you set achievable goals this new year:
  1. Simplicity - make a short list of goals instead of one big intangible goal. 
  2. Be specific - having an overarching goal can be daunting. Instead, make a small list of tasks that help you achieve your goal (this could even be a list of short-term weekly tasks). For instance, “more me time” is so broad that you may not know where to start. Detailing specific ideas like “set aside 30 minutes each night to read for leisure,” is more approachable and achievable.
  3. Self encouragement - it’s important that you believe in yourself and have confidence that you can achieve your goals. Pray for God’s support and let Him be your rock to guide you. Remember that “all things are possible if you believe” - Mark 9:23. 
  4. Make it public - share your goals with your close family and friends - those who will give you support and keep you positive. When Trista Sutter began to record her #FavePartOfDay, she decided to tweet them each night to help her focus on the positive through the support of loved ones who were miles away.
We also gathered a few of our favorite words of encouragement for you to keep in mind as you brainstorm ideas for your New Year’s goals.

Stay accountable for your goals and keep record of your progress, whether it’s publicly or privately. Our Grateful Journal is a great place to write your thoughts and progress throughout the year; a place you can look back on through the rough patches and remind yourself how far you’ve come. As we begin the new year, let’s remind ourselves to continually be grateful for our blessings - even the challenges that taught us lessons and discovery. We are thankful to have had a busy year at Glory Haus filled with growth, support, and opportunity, and we are excited for what lies ahead in 2014!


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