Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Burlees - A Must for Christmas Decorations!

Bella Vita in Collierville, TN
Whether you've just begun decorating, or you're almost done, a Glory Haus Original Burlee is a must for your door. Choose a Santa or a Stocking.
You really can't go wrong!
Hang them one on your front door for an
easy & festive decoration!
Everyone that sees it will smile a little brighter!


If you look closely you'll notice, the stocking at the top of the tree of Burlees at Bella Vita has been personalized.
Follow these simple instructions to personalize it yourself!

First, use a pencil to sketch out the name you want to put on your Burlee Stocking or Santa.
(Unless you're a little more artistic and feel comfortable writing with the puff paint.)

Second, using a tipped bottle of puff paint,
go over the sketched name.

Third, use a small paintbrush to flatten the puff paint.

Finally, let it dry & hang it on your door.

Many retailers will offer this service
for an additional charge,
or you can do it yourself!

Make sure you have an Original Burlee
on your door this Christmas Season!

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