Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glory Haus Limited Wedding Special for Wholesalers!

Glory Hasu has been looking for the perfect opportunity to do a wedding special.
The Decision has been made that the perfect time is NOW!

It's a Great Deal! With a minimum order, customers receive:

1- 15% off of The Art of Marriage (both sizes) and The Wedding Canvas
2- 10% off of the following Beaded Canvases:
The Best is Yet, Art of Marriage and Love Never Fails

In order to take advanatage of this special, you need to order by Monday, April 25th
and have your order shipped by Friday, April 28th.

You can order through your rep (DNA, Darrah & Co, Cliff Price & Assoc and Krysan & Assoc), through our web site, or by calling
our office at 866-953-1762.

Be sure to mention the "Limited Wedding Special" when you're ordering,
so you'll be sure to receive the discount!

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