Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Must-Haves

Here in Marietta, Georgia, where Glory Haus is located, this weekend is supposed to be our coldest temperatures yet. They are even mentioning snow for early next week and that silly groundhog says six more weeks of winter. So, to help us all get through just a few more weeks we compiled a list of some of our favorite "winter must-haves".

1. Molly, the owner of Glory Haus writes EVERYTHING  down in a notebook. So, brighten up a dreary, winter day with a colorful, cheery notebook. These are from Target.

2. Meghan said that she can't get through winter with out her essential oils. Her favorite one for winter is "On Guard" by Doterra. "On Guard" helps fight germs, and keep you from getting sick during these cold winter months. You can find more info here 

3. Amy loves Piko tops. They are great with leggings and boots. You can add a big scarf or wear with a fur vest or a jacket. The best thing is that they are made to fit big and hide a multitude of sins!! You can find these here.

4. Ansley loves to stay warm all day in a large blanket scarf. These are great on super cold days because if your are really cold, you can actually use as a blanket. Our favorite place to get these is the XOXO boutique.  You can purchase your own on their instagram shop.  Follow them at xoxo_boutique.

5. Debbie  loves Aspen Bay candles. These smell amazing! This is actually a Glory Haus company favorite. Aspen Bay is located next to us in the Darrah Showroom, and these candles make our entire showroom smell amazing. Here is a link to Aspen Bay candles.

6. Angela can always be found every afternoon having a mug of warm chocolate almond milk in her favorite Glory Haus mug. You can find all of our mugs here

7. Leigh's must-have winter item is a pair of warm riding boots. These Frye boots are her favorites.

8. Katelyn loves to curl up with a good book by the fire. One of her new must reads is "Lets All Be Brave" by Annie Downs. Here is a link to Annie's new collection that Glory Haus has teamed with her to make to go along with her new book.

9. Kim keeps this lotion from Bath and Body Works with her all winter to keep her hand nice and moisturized.

10. Kimberly always has EOS lip balm wherever she goes. These lip balms not only keep your lips from getting dry and cracked in the winter, they are also  cute!!

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