Monday, February 9, 2015

A letter from our owner...

As I sit here watching my eight-year-old son fish in the lake at the ranch, shirtless, wearing snow boots and jeans, my heart is full.  He is rotating between catching a fish with the orange netting bags from the Halo Oranges tied to a stick to chasing the fish around the pond with a kitchen strainer.  The phrase that comes to mind as I watch this precious child is “I love you more Luke Holm!”

Really, who could not love a child who is so intent and determined to catch a fish with whatever he could find, dressed in snow boots and shirtless and so content!

Every night Luke and I play the “I love you more” game before he falls asleep. He usually wins because he creatively comes up with some infinitely vast way to love me more than I do him – such as I love you a zillion billion times more than to the moon and back.

This whole scenario caused me to pause and think about this phrase, “I love you more,” that we use on many of our Glory Haus best-selling products. Isn’t this what all our hearts desire . . . that someone would “love us more” – more than we love them, more than we could possibly imagine, more tenderly, more intimately, more kindly, and more fully known than we could ever believe possible? 

As I was deciding what to say to all the Glory Haus customers and supporters, I decided this was to be the phrase for 2015 . . .  I love your more!

We hear customers often say “we love Glory Haus,” and this year we want to say to you, “we love you more.”  We love you more because you love our products, you believe in our mission and you choose to buy Glory Haus.   We know you have many choices, so “Thank You” for believing in us and sharing Glory Haus with your friends.  Your support of Glory Haus makes it possible for us to continue to “make art that is more meaningful than just filling a space on your wall.” Your support allows us to Bring Hope and Truth from Our Haus to Yours.

At Glory Haus in 2015 we are “loving you more” and grateful that it is Jesus who ultimately Loves us ALL more!

Blessings for another great year!  

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