Monday, February 14, 2011

Sell, Sell, Sell

Great Glory Haus Sellers

Finally, you've sold the last remnants of Christmas. The Valentine Displays are coming down and the leftovers marked for clearance. (Hopefully not too many items in this category.) What to put out next? What's selling?

Glory Haus is here to help you out. Above, we've put together a display of some great sellers. To be included in this display, the item needed to be ordered well at the January Markets and already showing signs of being a quick turner or have a recent history as such.

Of course, there simply isn't room to put all of our best sellers on this display. Contact your sales rep for more info on all of our best sellers. Don't have a sales rep? Give Glory Haus a call at 866-953-1762. We'll be happy to take your order!

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