Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Personalized Football Burlee - Gotta Have One!

Personalized Football Burlee

Just had to show you what can happen to the Glory Haus
Original football Burlee (SKU: 99024)
when it's personalized.
The Football Burlee above would look great in any home
as they cheer on the Sylacauga Aggies!
(This personalization was provided by an in-house artist. Don't have one at your store? Call your local high school and ask for recommendations from the Art Department on who to hire to help you with this.)

Retailers, you can use this picture to give your local high school an
idea of what can happen with the football burlee.
There are numerous creative ideas that help sell these adorable Burlees.

Tell us about yours!

1 comment:

Fancy Schmancy Designs said...

This is Amy the artist for glory haus burlees.... Another great idea is to add " A Sylacauga aggie lives here" and then you can add the player # to the bottom!!! Booster clubs love this!!! And so do mom's of varsity players!!!