Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dorm Room Decor

Isn't this dorm room adorable? 
Don't you just love the wooden monograms above the bed? Here are the ones we sell.
Even though these are beautiful. They might not be the right color for your dorm room decor, well don't worry... A quick coat of spray paint can fix that... or how about ..... GLITTER??
To do this we simply sprayed the entire monogram with a quick coat of gold  spray paint. After that dried, we sprayed the monogram in small sections with spray adhesive. Then quickly before each section dries sprinkle on the glitter. When the entire monogram is covered, simply shake off your excess glitter. WARNING: it gets a little messy! 

We also love the idea of upholstering a head board to brighten up those drab dorm room walls. We tried making our own. Here is what you will need:
Duct tape, 2 large pieces of foam core board, fabric, and batting. 

First tape the foam core boards together and then cut out the shape you want your headboard to be. We used paper plates to help make the shape. 
 Next cut the batting so that you can comfortably wrap it, but not too much so that it doesn't get too bulky. Wrap the batting tightly around the head board and secure with duct tape. You can also use a staple gun for this... We were just out of staples;)

Next, follow the exact same directions with your fabric. 

We just love the results!!! 

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