Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Retailers get ready for Valentine's Day with Glory Haus!

Are you ready for Valentine's Day 2011?

By now most of the Christmas displays in your store are either put away or bare.
What a great time to set up a Valentine's Day display!
People love to express how much they care for those in their lives on this wonderful day.
Before you head off to the 2011 Merchandise Marts, be sure to set up your Glory Haus
Valentine's Day display!

Centered in the display above is one of Glory Haus' new Burlees. This Heart Burlee (sku#90019) looks great displayed on the doors of homes and classrooms. The board above (sku# 33169) is double sided. While the side shown, reminds those around that you love them; when Valentine's Day is over you can flip it over to find that it says, "Good Friends Gather Here". Two boards for one price! It's a great Value! This display is complete with multiple items perfect to use as gifts for Valentines!

Help your customers have everything they need to decorate and share the love for Valentine's Day by contacting your Glory Haus rep, calling the Glory Haus office (866-953-1762) or visiting the Glory Haus website to order your Valentine items today!


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