Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creations in Progress!

2011 Potential Ornament Designs wait their turn

While most of you are in the middle of decorating your home for Christmas, here at Glory Haus we have to be thinking ahead.
Here's a picture of some of our 2011 potential designs waiting their turn for the kiln months ago.

That's right, we're planning,
and our artists are designing year round.

Which designs did we pick to release in 2011?
I'll never tell!
You'll have to come and see for yourself.
Check out our ornament display
at Marts in January 2011.

Atlanta Mart - Jan 12th-18th - Darrah Showroom - Bldg 2, 18th floor
Dallas Mart - Jan 19th-25th - Cliff Price Showroom -Dallas Trade Center
Chicago Mart - Jan 20th-25th - DNA Sales Showroom - Room 1426

You will definitely want to place your order early!
See you at Mart!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

These look even cuter after they were fired and have beads, wire and ribbon!!!!