Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Display Table

Raspberry Row's Spool Table

If you were able to drop by our showroom in Atlanta, you may have noticed that our center piece table was a reclaimed cable spool. You know, one of those spools that they coil telephone or cable wires around. What did it cost? Nothing! After rescuing the spool from the side of the road, we brought it to our warehouse, where it was coated with gray deck stain. After that our artist, Laura Kirkland, added flair by painting a decorative edge all the way around the top. Many of you asked us about the table and have set out to make your own.

Pictured above is one of those table. Krista at Raspberry Row in Dalton, Georgia promptly found a cable spool to create her own table. If you look closely on the top of the spool, you can see that Krista has painted copies of some of her & Pat's favorite Glory Haus products.

She completed the look and optimized her display space by adding height with the slender trees used as poles. Yes, these are real trees! They are secured to the top of the table with L-brackets. These trees support a decorative metal piece on the top that is used to suspend additional product. Now, they have a great display piece!

Great job Krista & Pat! If you've created your own display piece or found a way to creatively display product, tell us about it. Send your pictures and a short description and/or directions to We love sharing helpful ideas with small businesses everywhere!

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Kimberly said...

That looks awesome! Great job Krista and Pat!