Friday, July 3, 2009

Success at Dallas Mart

The Glory Haus Display in Dallas - Summer 2009
While this picture doesn't capture everything displayed in the showroom, it does a great job of capturing most of them.
People are all the time asking us for ideas about how to merchandise their Glory Haus items. We wanted to post some pictures to give you an idea.
As you look at these pictures, see if you can find the following things?
1) Warehouse Pallet
2) Old Door
3) Tomato cage
1) The pallet has been converted to use as shelving on the wall.
The puff stars are hanging on it.
2) The Old door is to the left of the tree. It makes a great backdrop for boards, canvases, and
on the other side there's a wreath on the door displaying ornaments.
3)The tomato cage is to the left of the door. It has been turned upside down and hot glued to
the topiary pot. In this position, it really showed off our Christmas ornaments.

As you begin merchandising your Glory Haus items, please send us pictures. We would love to share them on our blog and give you a little free PR in the process. Simply send your pictures to Be sure to include the name and location of your store.

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